Irish Fisherman Sweater - 100% Soft Merino Wool - Aran Island Pattern - Army Green


This stylish Men's Fisherman's Sweater will have your man looking looking dapper this holiday season.

Crew Sweaters looks great when paired with a collared shirt underneath.

Green wools were intertwined giving this a deep masculine color which can be worn with smart pants or jeans. In other words it matches with so many colors you don't have to over think what to wear!

Made from 100% Merino Wool. Do not accept wool blends or acrylic wool in your sweater. 100% is a natural insulator regulating your temperature. One of the main features is that this will hold its shape and last for years and years.

Every man with Irish Heritage should have this wardrobe staple in their closest as is such a versatile sweater.

Still reading this far... jeez what are you waiting for buy it already I'm running out of what to say.... but wait theres more.. (always wanted to say that)

This is for those who want to know the meaning of the sweater. Aran Patterns in Irish Sweaters carry meaning.

The Diamond stitch ( the symbol of wealth in Irish patterns, yes we are a superstitious nation) is used along the sleeves and the outer body of the sweater while the basket stitch ( this was to wish fisherman a good days catch at sea) runs along the center and sides of this classic Irish sweater, the use of the cable stitch ( symbol of the fisherman ropes) compliments the basket stitch beautifully.

Easy to care for wash in low temperature with woolite or similar. Same as for any 100% wool product.

Made in Ireland. Thanks for reading and please help support my store and family.

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