Blackthorn Walking Stick - 39 1/2 inch - Handmade in Ireland by me


The Irish Blackthorn Walking stick also known as a Shillelagh is much more than just a walking aid. It's a great protector, hiking stick and companion. It looks great even resting beside the fireplace of your home. Connect with your Irish Heritage with an Authentically Made Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick.

Each walking stick takes 2 years to complete.
This Irish Blackthorn Walking stick is ;

- Weight 790G
- From the top of the Handle to the base it measures 39 1/2 inches.
- Diameter at the base of the stick is a an inch & 1/8
- Sealed and Protected
- Thick and Strong protector
- No two Blackthorn Walking Sticks look the same, a one of a kind original.
- Suitable for All.
- A great hiking companion stick. Feel safe with a Blackthorn in your hand.

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Please Note - I provide a finished product. Please do not attempt to work on these sticks yourself. If you want a blank just ask.

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