58 inches Rowan Tree Hiking Stick - Witchwood - Mountain Ash - Treking Pole - Shillelagh

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The Rowan tree is considered a magical tree in Irish Folklore and has long enjoyed a reputation to protect against enchantment.

Rowan tree, mountain ash or witchwood as it is also known as is the only other wood I would consider making walking sticks and hiking poles from. I love all the stories and legends around this wood and think all serious stick collectorS should at least one Irish Rowan tree in their collection.

They are lighter and straighter than blackthorn but still hard and a great stick.

They are hard to come by so I will only make a few of these a year.

This hiking pole is superb. I measure 58 in height and weighs 1.5kg It's was picked near a holy well in Ireland. diameter at handle 2 inches and 1 1/2 at bottom

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