25 inch Irish Shillelagh Blackthorn - Handmade in Ireland - This is not a walking stick but a shillelagh


Authentic Irish Blackthorn shillelagh with grip and leather strap. At 25 inches long this is a little longer than most shillelaghs giving you extra reach when needed!

It's a great protector and companion. Connect with your Irish Heritage with an Authentically Made Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh. All of my Shillelaghs have their own unique character, and all are 100% Blackthorn from the foot of the Cork & Kerry mountains in Ireland. No power tools are used & all designs are achieved by hand crafting.

Each walking stick takes 2 years to complete.
This Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh is ;

- Weight 700g
- From the top of the Handle to the base it measure 25 inches
- Diameter at the base of the stick is an inch & 3/4, (top is about 2inch on the side x 1 inch&1/2)
- Sealed and Protected
- Thick and Strong protector
- No two Blackthorn Shillelaghs look the same, a one of a kind original.
- Suitable for All.
- Feel safe with a Blackthorn in your hand.
- Sent with tracking number by registered post

Please Note - I provide a finished product. Please do not attempt to work on these sticks yourself.

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