Irish Healing Balm - First Aid Ointment - Plantain Salve - Organic Cream - great for cuts, scraps, insect bites - Vitamin K binds and heals


The natural Irish plantain leaf that is packed with anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and astringent properties.

As you can see from my shop I make blackthorn walking sticks alot. I get so many cuts and stings from handling Blackthorns, my wife started making this cream to heal all my cuts and scrapes and I live by the stuff now.

Every home should have one for these in their first aid kit.

Our mix is different from any others you will see online as we use the finest natural ingredients
Ingredients are
Plaintain leaf - coconut oil- camphor oil - almond oil - lemon grass - glycerin - local beeswax

This is brilliant too for sore muscles and sprains and insects bikes as well as rashes.

Available in 100g or the larger 200g jar

3 jars in each 100g jar order and 2 Jars in each 200g jar order

3 x 100g Jars of Irish Healing Cream
2 x 200g jars of Irish Healing Cream

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