Display Irish Blackthorn - Home Decor
Display Irish Blackthorn - Home Decor
Display Irish Blackthorn - Home Decor

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Display Irish Blackthorn - Home Decor

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Buy 2 Display Irish Blackthorn pieces and get one Display Irish Blackthorn free offer - if you buy 2 I will gift a 3rd display stick of my choosing to your order. 
THIS IS NOT A WALKING STICK - Home/WorkPlace Decor -  Display Irish Blackthorn - 26
Weight - 215 g
length  - 36 inch
Irish Blackthorn is synonymous with Irish Heritage and culture. It has been presented to foreign dignitaries such as USA presidents visiting Ireland as well as nobable people such as Boxer Mohamed Ali. 
Many have asked me for unique pieces of genuine Irish Blackthorn to display in their homes, businesses or even man caves!! I have listened and for the past few years I have been selecting pieces that I believe look amazing to display. 
Ideal for hanging on a wall in a prominent place in your home. Add a heritage inspired look to any room with a display piece of Irish Blackthorn.  
Own a piece of Ireland, which has been grown in Ireland soil, the nutrients from Irish soil has grown the Blackthorn Tree you simply can't get a more authentic Irish Product than blackthorn from McCaffrey Crafts
Blackthorn was used by the faction fighters of the 1800's as well as to defend the Irish in many notable battles. An Instant talking piece for a history buff, a military man or someone deeply proud of the connection to Ireland. 
Also ideal for interior designers looking to create a unique rustic feel to a room
(Please note these pieces of display blackthorn wood are only for display purchases; they are not suitable as walking sticks or for training by those studying martial arts.)